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ABRCMS Alumni Spotlight: Maigen Bethea, Ph.D.

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Maigen Bethea PhD

Maigen Bethea, Ph.D.
Research Instructor
Department of Pediatrics, Nutrition Section
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
(ABRCMS 2012 & 2013 Student Poster Presenter;
2022 ePoster Symposium Judge)

Dr. Maigen Bethea is currently a research instructor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. ABRCMS has been an integral component of her scientific development. Currently, her research focuses on how gut-brain-pancreas crosstalk impacts glucose homeostasis and feeding behavior.

What was one of the low points or challenges in your scientific journey, and what helped you? What advice do you have for others?

One of the lowest points in my scientific journey was during my 3rd year in grad school. My experiments were constantly failing and not matter how hard I worked and persisted nothing seemed to change. I wanted to give up and quit my program because the failed experiment was vital to getting my publication out. What helped me was leaning on my peer mentors and additional mentors. They sat with me and helped me troubleshoot and come up with an alternative approach!

What is something about science or your current work that you find fascinating or motivating?

Currently, I am assessing gut-brain communications and how they regulate feeding behavior and metabolism. To do this, I conduct weight loss surgeries in diet-induced obese mice. What is fascinating is that the outcomes of our weight loss surgery mouse model are extremely similar to what we see in humans!

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