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ABRCMS Alumni Spotlight: Anna Hood, Ph.D.

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Anna Hood

Anna Hood, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Psychology, University of Manchester
(ABRCMS 2010 poster presenter)

What was one of the low points or challenges in your scientific journey, and what helped you? What advice do you have for others?

Challenges have been when people discount advocacy and social justice as non-scientific when without pushing for change, we will continue to produce research that excludes minoritized groups. Being a part of groups like the Anti-racism Coalition in Pain Research (ACTION-PR or the Pain Justice League) has provided support that this work can be done collectively.

What is something about science or your current work that you find fascinating or motivating?

My research uses an anti-racism framework to eliminate inequities in research, psychological treatments, and the clinical care of patients experiencing pain. I am passionate about this work, particularly focused on co-designing projects for children living with sickle cell disease.

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